Thursday, March 28, 2013


Aching from inside
Not knowing when or why
My heart bleeds
My eyes cry

How did we ended up like this
From lover to stranger
I still remember your first kiss
Back when nothing else seems to matter

Wishing I know the reason
Of all the unspoken
Hoping that you will be back
Before my soul breaks

I need you to tell me it's ok
I need to know it's just a misunderstanding
I need to know everything's alright
I need to know why

Baby don't make me wait
This is more than I can take
Without you, I can't hold on
Without you, I can't go on

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart Destiny

Shattered like broken glass
Strong like blowing winds
Thorny like field of roses
Soft like flying dandelions

Unable to see
Who the liars be
Unable to feel
If the love is real

Happiness was what you brought
Heartache was what you taught
The happiness was merely a moment
The heartache was more of a lesson

You came and played your chess
I came and fought my best
The queen, she may be
But the battle, is not my destiny

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dream Lover

Listening to the sounds of waves
Wind of summer warming my face
Footprints printed on the sands
My heart floating to wonderland

Turning around I saw
You were playing by the shore
Sweats glistening down your chest
Making you look so perfect

Your eyes, they caught my attention
Green, intelligent, familiar
You gave me a smile so warm
That sent my heart melting away

I know it wouldn't be right
For me to ask you out tonight
But I couldn't hold myself longer
Although you are just a dream lover

So baby, would you come
With me, to the party uptown
I promise we will have fun
Cos you and me, we are one

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Standing in the crowd
I feel so alone
Without a hand to hold
It all felt so wrong

Emotions are fighting inside
Like the erupting volcano
I can never forgive myself
For being such ridiculous selfish bitch

I wanted to see you
I needed to see you
But when obstacles arise
I let it in between us

You came looking for me
Riding like a dark knight
Hesitations took me away
When all I should do, was to stay

I can only apologize with words
I dare not bring myself forward
If only I didn't ask for you to come
The silence wouldn't haunt me now

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Friday, February 5, 2010

Friendship of Gold

From ABC to 123
We play, we learn, we grow
We walked hand in hand
We ran side by side
I catch when you fall
You cheer when I'm sad
We played all day long
We talked all night til dawn
Nothing can trouble us
Nothing can beat us down
Never again we will fight
Never again we will part
For we all shared a bond
That started 16 years ago
We shall treasure and hold
Our dear friendship of gold

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just A Game

The dice is spinning
The piece waiting to be moved
The cards are all ready
The players, just you and me

No one knows the next step
No one is ever ready to take
Will the truth reveals
Or will fate controls

Let's get the piece to move
I start and you follow
Til we reach our crossroad
And til we bid goodbye

Around the board I see
Signs of mountains and valleys
Signs of rainbows and rains
Signs of us again

But when the dice stops
And the pieces fell off
We will know that then
This is all just a game

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holding back

Watching you, I held back
My eyes, they never left you
My mind, elsewhere in memories
And I closed my eyes

Your hair, your smell
I miss your aftershave
Your eyes, your smile
They twinkle like diamonds

Your lips, your kiss
I miss the desires and affections
Your hands, your touch
Warm and soothing as ever

It felt like yesterday
That I last kissed you
Your breath, your whisper
Lingers around my ear

I want to hold you close
In my embrace forever
But now that time has flown
I wish I had another hour

Yours truly,
Perpetua Angeline